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Collall 250ml all purpose glue.

Collall 250ml all purpose glue.


Collall 250ml all purpose glue .

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Collall 250ml all purpose glue , Crafters companion 


  • Transparent solvent based all-purpose glue - 250ml.
  • Moisture and water resistant.
  • Heat and cold resistant.
  • Fast drying with a strong bond.
  • Can glue paper, card, cork, wood, glass, stone and more.
  • Acid Free.

Collall All Purpose Glue

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY GLUE - Transparent solvent-based adhesive for a crystal-clear professional finish, the perfect glue choice for crafting, decoupage, DIY and more!
  • MULTIPURPOSE ADHESIVE - Perfect for all uses from sticking paper and card to cork, fabric and plastics
  • EASY TO WORK WITH - Fast-drying and acid free, with an easy-use applicator lid
  • STRONG AND RELIABLE - Made to last, the Collall all-purpose glue is water, heat and cold resistant
  • ESSENTIAL IN EVERY HOME - Suitable for everything from scrapbooking and woodwork to DIY repairs

Crystal-Clear Finish
Get professional-looking results every time with the Crafter’s Companion Collall All-Purpose Glue. Quick-drying to a transparent finish, this acid-free glue is ideal for universal use in the office, school and home crafts.

With an easy to use applicator lid, Collall glue is a must-have item for any crafter - whether it’s for decoupage,paper crafts, modelling and more.

Virtually Invisible Fixes
Not just for crafting, this strong glue is water, heat and cold resistant for quick DIY household repairs that last. Create incredibly strong bonds to paper, cork, wood, fabric, glass, ceramics, foam and plastics.

In the Box
1x 250ml bottle

Safety Warning
Please note that solvent-based Collall all-purpose glue may damage painted or varnished objects. Suitable for children aged 6 and upwards under adult supervision. If you get this product on your clothing Please soak the area immediately only wet stains can be washed out.