Xcut xtrim lite Rotary Trimmer 12

Xcut xtrim lite Rotary Trimmer 12" including 3 blades straight/wavy and perforated. XCU 268404


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I cut thin card, paper, vellum,foil and adhesive backed paper.

Sleek slimline and lightweight that cuts with precision and ease. 

Portable and conveniently stores away.

3 interchangeable rotary blades to vary the cutting line possibilities : Straight,Wavyand Perforated.

I cut a4 and 12x12. Extending arm ruler measures up to 14.5"/37cm to help cut large pieces of paper.

Rulers and grid system are scored into the base to help with precise cuts in centimetres and inches.

Can cut 3 sheets of 160gsm together.